SOMA Awakening Breathwork

Join us in London to experience the secret of SOMA Breath that is sweeping across the world. Create your reality and reprogram your mind to choose LOVE over FEAR.

Awaken With Us: Sunday August 18, 2019

The SOMA DAY UK Begins In...


Raise Your L.O.V.E (Level of Vibrational Energy) to Create the Reality of Your Dreams


SOMA stands for the Science Of Magnetic Attraction, and during this one day ecstatic journey of community and connection we will use the power of breath, rhythmical euphoric music, dance, meditation, ancient himalayan yoga, and we will collectively raise our vibration and create a vivid emotional blueprint, commanding your subconscious mind to find a path to your achieve your goals. We will elevate our L.O.V.E (level of vibrational energy) to ecstatic states to burn away limiting beliefs and step into our full potential as infinite creative beings.


Through the power of SOMA Breathwork, yoga, dance, inspirational talks, deep meditations and other amazing activities, you will supercharge your vision for your perfect future and power it up by raising your vibrational energy throughout the day.


A big part of achieving what you want in life is to release tension in your body. This means releasing old limiting belief patterns that are holding you back, releasing emotional blockages and even releasing attachment to your vision so that you can focus on the steps ahead

About the Event

Join us in London on this one day SOMA Intensive Breathwork Experience. At SOMA, we use breath as medicine, and when you learn to change your breath, you can change your life in ways you never imagined possible.

This transformational day will include yoga, breathwork journeys, ecstatic dance, manifesting rituals and other high energy activities that are all focused to raise your vibration to ecstatic states so you become a portal for creating the life of your dreams.

Event Highlights

2 SOMA Awakening Breathwork Journeys


Ecstatic Dance

Manifesting & Visualization Meditation

About Niraj Naik

Niraj Naik, aka the Renegade Pharmacist, is a well-known health, wellness, and breathwork master. He initially worked as a community pharmacist in the UK but quickly realized that instead of helping people actually get better, his role was to dish out as many medications as possible. This harsh reality caused him a lot of stress which initially manifested itself into a chronic autoimmune condition called Ulcerative Colitis.

Not willing to accept medical advice which would leave him on prescription drugs for the rest of his life, Niraj decided to take matters into his own hands. At this time, a close family friend of his, Swami Ambikananda, allowed him to see this as an opportunity to prove that we all have the power within to heal ourselves. Learning some powerful breathwork techniques from his Swami, combined with health and nutritional knowledge that he already knew, Niraj ended up going into remission in just 10 months.

At this point, Niraj just knew he had to share what he learned with the world. He set out on a mission to learn alternative healing modalities and along the way got to train with masters in their field like multiple world record holder Wim Hof, Britains Top Therapist Marisa Peer and Author of "A Medical Understanding Of Yoga" Dr Prakash Malshe.

After years of studying and experimenting with different modalities, Niraj combined his vast knowledge of breathwork, yoga, brainwave music and guided meditation techniques to create SOMA Breathwork.


Take Yourself to New Heights

SOMA Breathwork Rituals

The Awakening is a powerful intention setting breathwork practice that will help create unstoppable momentum, motivation and drive to reaching your goals.

Intention and Goal Setting Sessions

Learn magical rituals for setting intentions and creating your perfect reality that originate from ancient mystery schools and secret societies.

Deep Meditations

Discover your true self, experience inner bliss and learn to control your emotions with guided hypnotic visualization meditations accompanied by SOMA brainnwave entrainnment music.

High Impact Fitness Workouts and Yoga

Taught by world class instructors  you will learn simple yoga routines that have maximum impact and fit into a busy schedule.

Scientifically Proven Biohacks

Give your health and body an upgrade for more energy and mental clarity. You will learn simple breathing techniques to control your nervous system and upgrade your physiology

Vibrational Energy Raising Events

Throughout this high energy day there will be several special events such as Breathe In Light SOMA Experience, SOMA Sound Bath and Ecstatic Dance

All This Awesomeness For One Low Price



  • 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM | SOMA YOGA
  • 11:00 AM - 12:45 PM | SOMA ECSTATIC DANCE
  • 03:00 PM - 03:30 PM | BALANCING THE MIND
  • 04:00 PM - 04:45 PM | STEP INTO YOUR POWER
  • 05:30 PM - 06:00 PM | HEART OPENING DANCE

Free Gift: $100 Discount on the SOMA 21 Protocol or SOMA TTC

This transformative breathwork technique supercharges you into a state of passion, flow and determination by raising your emotional energy to high self esteem and confidence. Peak performance coaches recognise that passion is the number one factor for success.

This technique is also a powerful self hypnotic tool for seeding your intentions deep into your subconscious mind, programming your brain stem to tune into the frequency of reality that is essential for you to reach your dream life targets. Be prepared for a life full of positive surprises and synchronicities when you begin your journey of awakening to your full human potential.


Elephant & Castle Tube Station