SOMA Breath Level 1 & 2 Instructor Retreat

Join Us In Ibiza Spain From June 27 To July 5 For An 8 Day SOMA Level 1 & 2 Instructor Training Retreat. Go through the Awakening Process, Become A SOMA Breathwork Expert & Learn How To Guide Others To Peak Experiences.

SOMA Instructor Retreat In Ibiza, Spain - June 27 to July 5

SOMA Breath Level 1 & 2 Instructor Retreat

Join Us In Ibiza Spain From June 27 to July 5 For An 8 Day SOMA Level 1 & 2 Instructor Training Retreat. Go through the Awakening Process, Become A SOMA Breathwork Expert & Learn How To Guide Others To Peak Experiences.

SOMA Instructor Retreat In Ibiza, Spain - June 27 to July 5

Get All The Tools You Need To Start Instructing ‘The Awakening’


Learn the science of breath, music and meditation as a therapeutic tool and discover 5 core therapeutic breathwork techniques to awaken your clients full human potential

The Process

Practice guiding SOMA Journeys and Energized Meditations in an immersive and supportive experience with Advanced Instructors helping you master your skills along the way.


Join our fast growing community of breathworkers around the world. Interact with other instructors and find potential clients in your area.


Receive the SOMA Breath Level 1 and Level 2 license to teach these transformative workshops to your clients.

About Ibiza

A big part of achieving what you want in life is to release tension in your body. This means releasing old limiting belief patterns that are holding you back, releasing emotional blockages and even releasing attachment to your vision so that you can focus on the steps ahead. We feel that Ibiza is a perfect place to achieve just this.

Mostly known for its world class party scene, Ibiza actually has another side to it which is not very well known to the mainstream but has been around much longer than the big nightclubs. Spiritual seekers from all over the world have been flocking to Ibiza for many years for ultimate peace, tranquility and connection. There are even legends of Ibiza being the 3rd most magnetic spot on the planet and having very strong healing powers. All of this combined with its stunning natural scenery and a large spiritual community, this is the perfect place for life transformations to take place.

Eat deliciously health food, Breathe in the fresh island air, connect with amazing people and get in touch with your higher self in this truly unique setting.

Event Highlights

Breathwork Sauna Sessions Every Evening

Breathe In Light Multi Sensory Experience

Organizing & Facilitating A SOMA Day Event As A Group

Breathtaking Location

We have rented a private 12 bedroom villa near Benirras Beach for this retreat.

The villa is situated in a beautiful area surrounded by mountains and with views of the sea. On site we have several areas for private meditation, an olive garden for walking meditation, a swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, indoor sala, bbq area and dining areas. This will be a truly intimate experience for maximum 24 guests so that you get the most direct teaching directly from Niraj and other master instructors.

A short walk away from the Villa is the small town of San Miguel and, a little further away, the famous Benirras Beach where sunset drum circles have been a daily occurrence for many years

What’s Included In This Retreat

Daily SOMA Breathwork Rituals

Learn to control your physiology through the power of your breath for peak performance, strength and happiness while also learning everything you need to facilitate your own SOMA Sessions.

Deep Meditations

Discover your true self, experience inner bliss and learn to control your emotions with guided hypnotic visualization meditations accompanied by SOMA brainnwave entrainnment music.

Online Modules

Gain access to the first 2 Modules of our online trainings including SOMA Breath Instructor and SOMA Journeys (total value of $1700)

Sauna Detox Protocols

You will never use a spa the same way again after your learn how to take the power of meditation, breathwork and visualization to the next level.

Interesting Lectures On SOMA Topics

SOMA is so much more than just breathwork. During this retreat Niraj will give lectures on various aspects including meta-reprogramming, activating both sides of the brain and more.

Learning Materials

You will be given extensive online learning materials and an electronic instructors manual to reference whenever it is necessary. This will be given prior to the retreat so you come prepared to practice.

Intention and Goal Setting Sessions

Learn magical rituals for setting intentions and creating your perfect reality that originate from ancient mystery schools and secret societies.

Delicious & Healthy Food

You will be served 3 meals per day cooked on site by an amazing chef (vegan options available by request)


The Villa that we have chosen has 12 rooms which you can either share with another participant or pay an additional fee to have a room for yourself.

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BONUS: Combine With Our Awakening Retreat & Receive Our Advanced Somatic Imprinting Techniques FREE

Right after this Instructor Retreat we will be hosting an Awakening Retreat from July 7 to July 12 at the same location. If you take part in both retreats you will gain access to the Advanced Somatic Imprinting Techniques module (valued at $700) giving you even more transformative tools to offer your clients. The Awakening Retreat incorporate many of these advanced techniques so you will also be able to experience them first hand making the learning experience even more immersive.


(Only 3 Early Bird Tickets Left)

Choose Your Room Option Below

Share Room With Shared Bathroom

$2799 $2599

Share a double room with one other participant and share a common bathroom with 3 other participants.

Reserve your spot with a $600 deposit

Share Room With Another Guest

$3199 $2799

Share a double room with one other participant equipped with an en suite bathroom split between the two of you.

Reserve your spot with a $600 deposit

Private Room

$4999 $4599

Book a private room all to yourself. If coming with a friend or a partner you can also book this option but will have to pay an additional $600 for the extra person.

Reserve your spot with a $1000 deposit


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